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Engagement Model with Brands for Cross Border eCommerce

  1. Brand engagement with Tiger Pug Group to give an overview of the process for import and resale into the country

  2. Brand signs up for an initial consultation on the Import and resale to consumer model. Detailing done including pricing model creation (Fee applies)

  3. Brand evaluates the feasibility 

  4. Brand Signs Up 

  5. Commercial terms of trade agreement signed

  6. Import Agreements signed

  7. Brand Online Store Created, Marketplace accounts opened and set up

  8. Supply Chain Set up

  9. Consumer payments and fulfillment enabled

  10. Customer Service enabled

  11. Direct to Consumer Selling Starts

  12. Post Sales CRM actioned 

  13. Returns Management

  14. Statutory Filings Done

Tiger Pug Engagement Model
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