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eCommerce Skill Development and Training 

Tiger Pug Group has its offices in Singapore, China and India. 

The teams at Tiger Pug are experienced in Brand eCommerce and Cross BOrder eCommerce and several areas that are associated with eCommerce

As part of our community initiative we offer eCommerce training and domain knowledge development to students, budding entrepreneurs and new skill seekers of all professions who wish to learn more about the basics and advanced areas of ecommerce 

While we provide this training and knowledge sharing at no cost we expect learners to be serious about their intention and be willing to invest their time in learning, special projects, homework and self learning. 

We are not a placement agency nor a certification program. We provide this service as part of our efforts to work with Singaporeans who would like to take on eCommerce as a career or embark on an entrepreneurial journey in online selling

Training and classes are held online only and time slots are usually at 11 am and 7 pm Singapore Time on weekends

To see and reserve a seat in the next training course please click here 

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