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Internships in
India, Singapore and China  

Tiger Pug (  and ND Commerce ( encourage students and fresh graduates to intern with our business units in Singapore, India and China


We are currently open to hiring interns for our business units


The positions can be virtual or in-office depending on the Covid guidelines and travel restrictions


Positions are open in the following areas


ND Commerce :  India Entry using eCommerce as a channel - working with Singaporean and Singapore HQ companies as well as regional brands to enter India with ND Commerce as the ecommerce enabler.

The position includes creating awareness about our services for India entry for brands and online sellers. 


Tiger Pug : We are currently incubating a service for brands and online sellers with focus on sustainability and reduction in wastage due to unsold inventory. 

There are positions in this business unit for product development, application development, sales, supply chain and service. These positions are based in Singapore 


Tiger Pug China : We offer services to innovators to be able to help them create products that can be promoted on platforms like Indiegogo and Kick-starter. Products are made in China with global fulfilment 

There are positions open to assist with identifying entrepreneurs with creative ideas from Singapore and to help them create and launch innovative products  on such platforms. While these positions will require interaction with China vendors, the actual position can be based at Tiger Pug China (Guangzhou) or in Singapore 

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