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Become a Tigerpug franchisee and business partner in Singapore

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Tigerpug is an innovative e-commerce company that specialises in cross border e-commerce

We believe that there are many good products and brands out there that are restricted to sell in their town, city, state or country

Tigerpug enables brands to sell products in different countries using e-commerce as the primary channel

As a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur you too can participate in the cross border e-commerce opportunities that Tigerpug can bring to you

If you are based in Singapore and would like to start your own business using the expertise and business model of Tigerpug, you can evaluate the business opportunity being presented to you

What is the business model?

Tigerpug, through its wholesale cross border sourcing arm, will provide you with a range of products that you can stock and sell to your network or your existing customers

Tigerpug has currently got three business segments from which you can choose one

1. Artisanal and organic cow ghee

2. Ayurvedic beauty and body care product

3. Natural jute products

You can sell these in different ways:

1. Your own web site (which can be created for you by Tigerpug)

2. Catalogue sales to your network

3. Online on marketplaces like Amazon where you will be the seller (Tigerpug can guide you on this process)

Current opportunity for Singapore:

The existing opportunity is in the area of artisanal A2 ghee made and sourced from specialist farms in and India

What do you need to do?

1. Have a legal entity that can buy and sell products

2. Have passion for the range of products you would sell

3. Be willing to make an investment in stocks of up to SGD 5000 invoice value to you

4. Provide high levels of service to customers

5. Have a web site (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions :

Question: Can I sell other products along with ghee?

Answer: You are most welcome to sell other products but not the same brands as sourced through Tigerpug

Question: What if my products don’t sell?

Answer: Tigerpug will buy back your unsold inventory at 20% of the invoice value within 3 months of stocking. This will be valid for the first three orders. Each buy back from any lot will not be more than SGD 5000

Question: Is my business responsible under the personal data protection act?

Answer: Yes, any business that you do where you collect consumer data makes you responsible to not use or let anyone else use the consumer data except for the purpose of the specific business transaction

Question: How much lead time to place resupply order?

Answer: Resupply will depend on the product and sourcing. It can take up to one month for resupply of some items

Question: Are the products legally imported?

Answer: All products supplied to you for resale will be legally imported

Question: Do I need to pay at the time of sign-up?

Answer: We are enrolling a limited number of business partners. There is no sign-up fee

Question: Any other start up cost apart from the investment in stock?

Answer: Only if you need to setup a web store or need any other specific service

Question: Will my business be successful?

Answer: Like any business this carries a risk. You should evaluate the opportunity very closely and take an informed decision

Question: Who can I talk to if I have some questions?

Answer: Our business partner development team is at hand to answer your questions

Question: Do I need to know about e-commerce before I start?

Answer: It’s preferred but not essential

Question: What is the return on investment?

Answer: We would expect a business partner to sell between USD 5000 to USD 15000 per month with a gross margin based on category and product. Business partner will be responsible for all payments to its own third parties for sale of products, for example: Amazon, shipping cost etc. The gross margin will change for category and product

Question: How long to get started?

Answer: Within 2 months of sign-up

Question: Any training to be given?

Answer: Yes training will be focussed on online selling

Interested ?

Write to

Or whatsapp +65 83886673

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