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How can a USA Brand launch its brand in India without having an office in the country?

USA Brands could expand to India and reach the millions of Indian households that represent a vast consumer base

The process for a USA Brand to setup and establish an online business in India would be as follows:

1. Appoint Tiger Pug ( as the importer of products

2. Export goods from production facilities within the US and other countries to India and for these to be imported into a free trade zone

3. Establish an online presence through an online store

4. Establish partnerships with online market places in case the USA Brand would like to sell through such online marketplaces

5. Export goods to the India free trade zone or the fulfilment center of Tiger Pug

6. Based on estimated demand, export goods out from the India free trade zone to Tiger Pug

7. Use Tiger Pug as the importer cum distributor to sell products online

8. Receive payments from Tiger Pug through regular banking channels

9. For Seller Services use Tiger Pug Associated company and for customer service and call center use Kankei (

10. Marketing to be done in terms of Google Ad words, social media and other digital marketing


The inventory can be kept at a free trade zone or at the Tiger Pug fulfilment center. If at the free trade zone (FTZ) it will be held in the name of the exporter (USA Brand) till such time as it is removed from the free trade zone to the warehouse of Tiger Pug

Unsold inventory can be reshipped from the free trade zone to any location. For e.g.: In case the brand would like to operate an online store in Singapore or UAE, then inventory could be also distributed from one central point in Asia to different free trade zones. Since different countries may have different packaging and labelling guidelines, labels for the products will be applied at the free trade zone prior to their export into India

Online sales:

Online sales could be on the Brand Online India site on which the merchant will be ND Commerce (


All payments received by Tigerpug will be kept in a special account for remittance to the USA Brand


The brand can invest directly in marketing on various channels that can be advised by Tiger Pug


The management of this business is into following areas:

1. Advisory and consulting on project setup and on-going country related advisory

2. Sales and distribution of products to the online retailer as well as potentially to other channels

3. Marketing and brand investment management covering all the different investments done in areas of marketing

4. Customer service and returns and warranties

Commercial terms:

Commercial Terms will be based on variety of factors and depending on the roles and responsibilities as above.

To know more about how your brand can launch its online business in India, please write to contact@tigerpug.comor whatsapp +65 83886673

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