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How can USA Cosmetics Brands expand to India?

Updated: May 12, 2020

India is a growing market for USA cosmetics. With high product reliability, USA cosmetics can be well accepted by Indian consumers

As a cosmetics and beauty brand in USA, you too can sell your products in India.

A good way to get started is to open an online brand store. With a local ecommerce company being the importer and seller.

There are two ways to sell online in India

1. Your own Brand Online Store

2. Have your products sold on online marketplaces like Amazon and others

Let's talk about the two options

A brand online store in India will give you the following advantages:

1. Exclusive presence for your products only on your brand online store

2. Ability to get your marketing initiatives like Google Ad words, Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing to drive traffic to your exclusive online store

3. Access to consumer purchase data to be able to analyse information and plan for future bigger sales initiatives in India

4. Ability to get bloggers and influencers to close the loop by being able to sell your products from your brand online store

Selling On Online Marketplaces

After having showcased your products and tested the waters you can expand online sale channels by selling your beauty brands on platforms like Amazon India, Flipkart (Wal-Mart), Myntra, Nykaa and others.

The advantages are

1. These platforms have consumer traffic

2. You may be already selling on USA and can extend your learnings and capabilities to the selling process on Amazon India

3. You can sell on specialist portals that are likely to have the right target audience for you

The process to sell in India work be as follows

1. Get your products certified by the India regulatory bodies. CDSCO and Legal Metrology

2. Export your products to your India importer - Tiger Pug Commerce

3. Setup the brand online store web site with Tiger Pug India being the importer and seller of record

4. Get Tiger Pug to sell your products on Online Marketplaces too

5. Get paid in your home currency through official settlement of import invoices

6. Continue to build and grow your business

The team at Tiger Pug is experienced in the area of import and resale of goods online. And can work with you as your importer and reseller.

We will guide you through the process and enable the full transaction

We would recommend a phone conversation with our relationship manager who will guide you through the process

To learn more and set up a conversation please do write to or Whatsapp + 65 83886673.

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